Client Testimonials

Our clients often do the best job explaining how we make exercise enjoyable, empowering and life-affirming.  Here is what they have to say:

I have been a client of Phil’s at The Fitness Group going on 10 years. I can say unequivocally that he is the best personal trainer in the MetroWest area. He combines a unique trait of caring deeply for the well-being of his clients and a level of professionalism that is beyond reproach. He stays focused on the needs of his clients, while offering a calming and friendly banter, and before you know it you have done things to improve your health and well-being. Phil is highly-trained, knowledgeable and consistently attends fitness seminars and conventions to keep up with the profession. Phil is not only a fitness trainer, but also a Wellness Guru. I would highly recommend him as “your” Personal Fitness Trainer.

Dan F.

Concord, MA

I worked as an intern for Phil Morris and The Fitness Group. From day one, it was clear to me that this was an exceptional place to be. Phil is amazing with his clients, establishing comfortable, friendly relationships that make clients look forward to coming to his studio to work out. His knowledge of training principles and injury prevention and rehabilitation is very impressive, allowing him to set clients up for a workout while allowing them to feel confident that they will not injure themselves or exacerbate an existing problem. Watching him work this summer has been an eye-opening experience for me. Phil’s care for his clients and deep interest in the well-being of others is what allows me to say that I would recommend him to any and every person looking for an exceptional fitness experience.

Alex P.

Stow, MA

I have been a client at The Fitness Group for 10 years now. I originally started working with Phil Morris after recovering from surgery. My intent was to work with Phil for a year and then stop, but I realized the benefits of supervised workouts and the rest is history. I have gone from a size 12 to a size 6-8, I have tons of energy, never get sick and now also have better eating habits.
I cannot say enough about the benefits of regular workouts, they relieve stress, make you stronger and help with balance, strength and overall conditioning. As a baby boomer, I realize that fitness training is an important part of healthy aging!
Gwen T.

Acton, MA

My husband and I began working out with Phil almost five years ago. Our lives have been dramatically altered, we are fit, have lost weight and have the benefit of a fantastic feeling of well being and a huge surge of energy every time we walk out his door. We really enjoy exercising together, we have fun, the time passes quickly and it hardly seems like work at all! We love Phil and everything about working out with him.

Joan D.

Lincoln, MA