The Fitness Group offers a variety of traditional and innovative programs to meet the evolving needs of clients at all fitness levels. Options range from personalized training to SpinCycle to group strength and conditioning classes.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training program begins with a comprehensive health and fitness assessment. Based on this analysis and your goals we develop a program that is tailored to your needs. We provide guidance that is motivating, safe, effective and efficient and you provide the hard work.


Join one of the most popular workouts in the country! Spin classes meld best practices for fitness with energizing and inspiring, hand-selected playlists. Our expertly trained instructors will coach you through the best part of your day! All levels welcome!

Total Body Conditioning

One hour of intense, weight bearing exercises that will tone, strengthen and increase functionality. Once we start, we don’t stop! Every muscle gets a chance!


Our certified instructors will coach you through an intense, scientifically proven set of moves and techniques that will help you build strength, tone muscles and increase endurance. These popular sessions feature highly motivating music. You will leave the class feeling challenged and encouraged, ready to come back for more.

Small Group Training

If one-to-one training is not for you, working with a partner or in a small group has many advantages. It can be motivating, enjoyable and cost effective. Our small group training program is designed to work with individuals of differing abilities in a fun and effective way.

Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp is a challenging fitness program designed for all fitness levels. It takes you outside on the beautiful Quail Ridge campus and focuses on aerobic conditioning, agility, core strength and strength endurance. Each high intensity workout includes a mix of cardio, weight training and circuit training for a full-body experience.

Teen Team Training

Our TTT program focuses on preparing sports teams for their competitive season. All team programs are periodized, with a focus on sports specific strength and conditioning goals with the aim of reducing injuries and enhancing performance.

Function For Life Training

Our FFL program addresses the physical challenges many mature adults experience, by focusing on balance, flexibility, core strength, muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance. This class will help you improve performance and quality of life!

Weight Loss CRASH

C – Commit to it!

R – Realize your challenges

A – Assess your progress

S – Share support and success

H – Have a healthy, rewarding experience


An eight-week, fully supported weight loss challenge to help you achieve a healthy, ideal weight. Designed for individuals who have a goal of losing 10 to 20 pounds. Learn strategies for maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level, gain energy, strength and confidence through this supervised, effective and supportive program.